Daily business with and without process management

Business Process Management optimizes different business processes by measuring, regulating and controlling.
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Process Management provides answers!

  • Do the processes documented in the organization manual match the real processes?
  • How do you find the real reasons for problems in the processes? And can you quantify them easily?
  • Do your processes allow teams to work together seamlessly and flexibly across divisions?
  • Do you test process changes in advance using simulation?

Accompanying the design, implementation and optimization, processes are checked and documented in terms of implementation, quality and efficiency as part of process management. A wide variety of methods and techniques can be used, depending on whether only individual business processes are optimized or holistic approaches to process improvement are pursued. Process management certainly means additional effort in the introduction phase, but this quickly turns into tangible added value for your company.

In addition to the classic tools for process modeling (BPMN), IT today offers innovative solutions with which you can map a digital twin of your organization (process mining). This allows you to represent your company or just individual processes via a data-driven analysis. This way, the processes can be quantified with the true data and can also be monitored in real time (monitoring).

Our Process Management Expertise

Grown work routines without BPM

Using the example of a customer order, the weaknesses that exist without business process management become apparent:

Die Infografik beschreibt Arbeitsroutinen ohne BPM.
  1. Customer order is forwarded internally as a printout/via e-mail to the specialist departments
  2. Departments work with a wide variety of systems, forms, data
    ⇒ Different data sets circulate
  3. Prioritization is different for all processors
    ⇒ High probability of unintentional overlaps
  4. Systems operate independently of each other
    ⇒ Risk of incomplete or un-accurate data flow.
  5. Many exceptions
    ⇒ Lack of control over systems and over business events.
  6. Complexities make it difficult to understand process performance
This often results in problems such as:
  • Inhibition of efficient business growth
  • Limited vision
  • Dissatisfied customers

The process-optimized solution with BPM

Die Infografik zeigt die BPM Prozesskette.

With business process management, weaknesses can be identified and synergies used effectively. Planning and prioritization of tasks can take place automatically according to previously defined criteria. Decision-making aids and standardized tasks support employees, customers and business partners alike.

Business Process Management uses existing systems and data, combines them into highly integrated mechanisms, and thereby creates both transparency and efficiency. Process control becomes transparent and can be tracked in real time.

  • 80% reduction of manual interactions
  • Lower error rate
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Cost savings due to leaner processes

Complete process optimization

Business Process Management optimizes and/or automates business processes of all kinds. A flexible service-oriented architecture ensures that the IT infrastructure used in the company also works in a perfectly coordinated manner.

Can the added value achieved with the help of business optimization be increased even further?
With mathematical optimization, the supreme discipline of business analytics, you make decisions taking all factors into account and thus achieve the highest competitive advantage.

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