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Our passion: Optimizing integrated, automated business processes through innovative technologies. We achieve this by implementing processes in which people, organizations and the IT systems used are supported by digitally automated workflows and decisions. Due to our broad expertise, we find the right solutions for every industry and all business areas – either on our own or with our broad partner network. In doing so, we are at your side as technically and methodologically experienced consultants and implementation partners and support you in optimally implementing your requirements. On these pages you will find an initial overview of our core competencies.

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What distinguishes us from other companies?

When using innovative technologies for business process optimization, we combine expertise in process management and automation, decision analytics and down-to-earth IT integration. This way, we implement digitally automated processes and decisions in your company. And not only that – with our drive for top solutions, we also take on support and managed service, guaranteeing you to be operational. This is in line with our promise to take responsibility for our solutions based on our quality standards and expertise. We meet challenges at eye level with our customers and find a pragmatic solution even in difficult situations.

Of course, we thrive on the experience and passion of our employees. These result in continuously improved methods, which we are happy to make available to you. Draw direct benefits for your business to achieve goals faster and stay one step ahead of the competition through digitalized processes. Knowledge and experience as a structured consulting model guarantee you real added value in every project step, tangible and measurable for your organization.

Our expertise at a glance

Process Automation

Process Engine

Efficient processes are the key to achieving a company's goals. Process automation comes into play as soon as rule-based, recurring activities take too much time and distract attention from the core business. This is where Robotic Process Management (RPA) provides support by automating processes with various software-supported tools. The task of Business Process Management (BPM) is to model, control and optimize business processes.

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Process Management

Headerbild für Prozessmanagement

With business process management, weak points can be identified and synergies used effectively. Planning and prioritization of tasks takes place automatically according to previously defined criteria. Decision-making aids and standardized tasks support employees, customers and business partners.

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Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Data Science & Advanced Analytics offers a powerful palette to get to know one's own company better and to be able to comprehensively understand processes. With its help, collected data is better understood and valuable information extracted, leading to better, more informed decisions.

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Enterprise Integration

Puzzle zur Visualisierung von Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Today's companies are forced to constantly improve their business processes, e.g. in production, supply or sales, especially due to increasingly open markets. Process improvements, often achieved through changes, require a high agility of the business processes. Due to an increased focus on their own core competencies, business transactions are more and more handled in a distributed manner.

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Industrial Internet of Things

Headerbild Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Whether in industry, urban planning or in the private sphere: The Internet of Things is making our lives easier. Objects are being turned into smart objects that communicate with each other and can perform intelligent actions. For example, the fully automatic machine at home brews our coffee on demand and the traffic lights in the city automatically switch from red to green depending on the traffic situation.

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Hybrid Cloud

In addition to the typical cloud variant, in which the IT resources are provided via the Internet, and the private cloud variant, in which the IT resources are only available via the intranet, there is also the hybrid variant. In this case, provision takes place both via the intranet and the Internet. This provision can take place either in the company's own data center or through a data center service provider, depending on the needs of the company or any regulations.

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Architecture Consulting

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The crucial aspect in the entire discussion about a service-oriented architecture is the fact that it should first be understood as a management concept – a service-oriented architecture is always first a conceptual approach and not a concrete technology proposal. With the understanding of the management concept, the aim is to achieve IT that is aligned with business processes (business requirements).

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We use the following technologies

BPM & Data Science

  • Process Mining & Automation
  • Process Simulation & Monitoring
  • Rules/Decision Management
  • Mathematical optimization
  • Predictive & Cognitive Analytics
  • Supply Chain Optimization


  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Electronic Data Interchange / B2B
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / IoT
  • SaaS & Cloud Service Integration
  • Microservice ESB
  • Service Oriented Architecture


  • Message Queuing
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • API Management
  • Hybrid Cloud

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