Deep Learning: An Example from the Public Sector

Automatic image recognition has the potential to noticeably reduce the workload of water management associations – and support flood protection. A case study.
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With Business Rule Management to Availability to Promise
Using tools from IBM, X-INTEGRATE has developed a process that sales departments can use to make delivery commitments.
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Process platform combines e-mobility aspects
X-INTEGRATE develops technology platform for data exchange and processing of all business transactions.
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e-regio Use Case
Digitalization of network and house connection processes at e-regio. Technical article at
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Data management and data integration in practice
Three case studies from the fields of e-mobility, heating construction and health. Technical article in is report.
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Process mining complements process control
The role of process mining in the environment of software-based process automation. Technical paper in is report.
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Predictive analytics for networked plants
Real-time monitoring of production machines at Dürkopp Adler. Technical article in MM Maschinenmarkt.
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Fachbeitrag "Schneller zum Hausanschluss" auf
Artikel "Datenmanagement und Datenintegration in der Praxis" im is-report
Fachbeitrag "Process Mining ergänzt künftig die Prozesssteuerung" auf
Fachbeitrag "Predictive Analytics für vernetzte Anlagen" in MM Maschinenmarkt

We support you in creating new business opportunities through optimized, automated and integrated processes.

We accompany your company on its path to digitization: Together, we optimize your business processes through automation and support new business models using innovative technologies. Heterogeneous databases and applications are integrated, business processes are analyzed with process methods and automated with technical workflows. We prepare your business decisions using Data Science – or automate them as well.

We advise you strategically and develop new business models with you. In doing so, we remain pragmatic and realize expedient, technology-supported business process solutions. When using innovative technologies, we combine expertise in process management and automation, decision analytics and down-to-earth IT integration.

We design, implement and operate solutions to enable optimized, process-oriented communication and control between heterogeneous systems along the value chain – as a starting point or as part of your digitization strategy.

A selection of our use cases

Our expertise in digitization and decision support

Process integrations

  • Flexibly digitized along your value chain
  • Time savings through efficient resource management

Decision-making processes

  • automated, data analysis - supported and mathematically optimized
  • with the appropriate method, whether cognitive, predictive or prescriptive

Business applications

  • flexible, optimized and automated process applications
  • more transparency, more control and lower costs

Data and application interfaces

  • automated, reliable and stable in operation
  • for B2B, M2M or Industry 4.0

Middleware platforms

  • Maximum availability, flexibility and scalability
  • whether standard application or IoT, whether microservices or SOA

Solution architecture

  • The optimal solution by combining components and methods that fit precisely
  • It's all in the mix: Whether open source, vendor software or cloud services

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